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Buy your aftermarket replacement idler assembly for Hitachi mini excavator.

We also provide sprockets, rollers and other parts for this Hitachi model.

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This is the aftermarket replacement idler for Hitachi mini excavator.

This is the larger roller that is at the front of the undercarriage that is designed to tension and tighten the rubber track. This is the roller that expands as you grease the tensioner to tighten the track.

This idler assembly comes fully assembled with the bearing ready for installation, just reuse your existing bolts to bolt to the tensioner.

This idler has yokes that extend out past the length of the idler wheel diameter. It comes exactly as pictured and does not include the actual tensioner or spring.

This idler assembly is known to fit this Hitachi mini excavators:

HITACHI EX18-2            HITACHI EX20

HITACHI ZX20               HITACHI EX22-2

HITACHI ZX25               HITACHI EX25-2

HITACHI ZX22U-2         HITACHI ZX25-2

HITACHI ZX27-3            HITACHI ZX27U

AIRMAN AX22               AIRMAN AX22-2

AIRMAN AX25               AIRMAN AX27U

AIRMAN AX29U             AIRMAN AX30UR

Alternate Part Number

HITACHI 9132694


Alternate Models

HITACHI EX18-2, EX20, ZX20, EX22-2, ZX25, EX25-2, ZX27-3, ZX27U,     
AIRMAN AX22, AX22-2, AX25, AX27U, AX29U, AX30UR      

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