Carrier roller apply to Caterpillar E120B CAT312

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» Our durable carrier rollers available for various equipment like Mini-Excavators, Compact Track Loaders, Crawler Excavators and Bulldozers.
» Manufactured using heavy duty steel, original equipment manufacturer (OEM/ODM) quality standards and specifications which provides its strength, durability and high performance.
» Our track rollers with best price and highest performance available in the construction, mining and agriculture etc.

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Carrier Roller also called top roller or upper roller which is an important undercarriage part for crawler excavator or bulldozer. They are in a close contact with the ground walking undercarriage, therefore the quality of carrier roller has great influence on the performance of the excavator and bulldozer.
The carrier roller of the excavator is used to hold the track to prevent the track from sagging too much, so as to reduce the vibration of the track in motion and prevent the track from sliding sideways. Compared with the supporting bottom roller, the supporting roller bears less force, is less eroded by dirt in work, and the working conditions are better than the supporting roller. Therefore, the structure of the supporting roller is simpler and the size is smaller.
In order to reduce the friction loss between top roller and track group, the quantity is not too many, usually used 1pc or 2pcs. The position of the top roller should be favorable for the disengage from the engagement of the driving sprocket, and slide smoothly through the top track and maintain the tension of the track chain. When used 2pcs, the rear one should be close to the driving sprocket.

1. Through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties, high strength and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.
2. Good quality to reduce wear and prolong life-span, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. Precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavator reliable quality, high performance, quality services. Our products, your best choice.

Part Number Reference

Caterpillar 4I7345 099-0178
Berco CR7214

Compatible Models
E110 E110B E120 E120B 311 312 313

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