Mini Excavator Top Roller JCB805 234/14900 332/U1415

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» Top rollers are “Maintenance Free” utilizing special high strength-hardened steel and available for Compact Excavators, Excavators and Bulldozers.
» Guaranteed our carrier rollers fit for all major equipment brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, JCB, Hyundai, Bobcat, Kobelco, Volvo, Case, Daewoo, Liugong and many more.
» Our undercarriage parts with best price and highest performance available in the construction, mining and agriculture etc.

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How to reduce the wear of top roller?
1. Avoid walking on the inclined ground repeatedly for a long time and suddenly turn.
If the mini excavator walk repeatedly on the inclined ground for a long time and turn suddenly, the side of the rail link will contact the side of the top roller and the guide wheel, thereby increasing the degree of wear. Therefore, walking and sudden turning in inclined areas should be avoided as far as possible. Straight line travel and large turns can effectively prevent wear and tear.
2. Avoid continuing to start the machine when top roller and track roller cannot be used normally.
If you continue to use it when top roller and track roller cannot run, it may cause the roller to wear off, and may also cause the wear of rail links. If an inoperable roller is found, it must be repaired immediately! In this way, other faults can be avoided.
3. Regularly check and tighten the bolts and nuts.
The mounting bolts of the track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler, track shoe, driving wheel and traveling pipe are easy to loosen due to vibration after long-term operation of the machine. For example, if the machine continues to operate when the bolts of the track shoe are loose, it will even lead to a gap between the track shoe and the bolts, which will lead to cracks in the track shoe. Moreover, the generation of clearance may also increase the bolt hole between the track and the rail link, resulting in the serious consequences that the track and the rail link must be replaced because they cannot be fastened. Therefore, track bolts and nuts should be checked and tightened regularly to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

1. Through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties, high strength and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.
2. Good quality to reduce wear and prolong life-span, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. Precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavator reliable quality, high performance, quality services. Our products, your best choice.
4. We are a trusted supplier in this field, offering reliable quality undercarriage parts with great feedback.

Part Number Reference

JCB 234/14900 332/U1415
Hitachi 4333856 4357784 4357786 4403459
Volvo 1180-9221 VOE11809221
Berco MU3074 MU3081A MU3184

Compatible Models
8040Z 8040ZTS 8045ZTS 805 8050RTS 8050ZTS 8052 805-2 8055RTS 8060 8065
ZX40 ZX50 ZX50U ZX55U

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