Mini Excavator Bottom Roller Apply to JCB805 234/14800

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» Heavy-duty track rollers available for various equipment like Mini-Excavators, Dozers, Compact Track Loaders and Crawler equipment.
» Manufactured using heavy duty steel, original equipment manufacturer (OEM/ODM) quality standards and specifications which provides its strength, durability and high performance.
» Our rollers with best price and highest performance available in the construction, mining and agriculture etc.

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This Bottom roller (lower roller) apply to mini excavator 805 8052 805-2 8055RTS 8060 8065 EC45 TC50.
Track rollers – also referred to as idler rollers – are motion transmission components designed to work with all varieties of tracks. They see use in conveyor systems, cam drives, and a wide range of similar material handling systems. Regardless of the material or machine, these components play a critical role in track and rail operations.
The rollers also degrade when driving at higher speeds for longer. Then there are leaks, from which oil leaks, which leads to incorrect lubrication of the bearings, and this leads to failure of the rollers. If the lower rollers lack the right amount of oil, the bearings get stuck and are not able to rotate around their axis inside the roller. As a result they are seriously damaged. Lower rollers with leaking or blocked bearings should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to other track components, such as the link chain, because non-rotating rollers lead to rapid wear of the track chains. This is due to an increase in the frictional force on the roller shell and the contact surface of the chains.

1. Through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties, high strength and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.
2. Good quality to reduce wear and prolong life-span, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. Precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavator reliable quality, high performance, quality services. Our products, your best choice.
4. Continuous improvement is our mission.

Part Number Reference

JCB 234/14800 332/U1381
Volvo 1180-6139 VOE11806139
Berco MU5003 MU5003A MU5112 MU5178

Compatible Models
805 8052 805-2 8055RTS 8060 8065

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