Skid Steer Loader Kubota SVL 90 SVL 90-2 Drive Sprocket V0611-21112

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» Sprockets are an important part of your undercarriage system. Our sprockets are manufactured from high quality materials and are designed to provide reliability and a long service life. One way we do this is by using a special heat treatment process to ensure consistent surface hardness depth and a stronger core.

» We always suggest changing your drive sprockets and rubber tracks at the same time to maximize the lifespan of the track since they are designed to wear together. Changing sprockets and tracks at different wear points can accelerate wear and reduce the lifespan of both items.

This is the aftermarket replacement drive sprocket for your Kubota SVL 90, 90-2, 90-2C, 90C compact track loader. This is the replacement sprocket for the original part number V0611-21112 from the dealer.

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SKU: V0611-21112

This is the replacement aftermarket drive sprockets for your Kubota SVL compact track loaders. The V0611-21112 is designed to replace your original sprocket for the following Kubota SVL series:

SVL 90
SVL 90-2
SVL 90-2C
SVL 95-2S
SVL 95-2SC
17 Teeth
9 Bolt Holes
Inside Diameter: 9 1/2 Inch
Outside Diameter: 18 7/8 Inch
We also supply the bottom roller, and front idler and rear guide idler. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Alternate Part Number

Kubota V0611-21112

There is also a 9 bolt hole sprocket under part number 233/21201.

Alternate Models

Kubota: SVL 90, SVL 90-2, SVL 90-2C, SVL 90C, SVL 95-2S, SVL 95-2SC

Alternate Part

There are no known alternate part listings. This sprocket is guaranteed to fit.



Drive Sprocket: V0611-21112
Bottom Rollers: V0511-25104
Front Idlers: V0611-22100
Rear Guide Idler: V0511-24103

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