YANMAR VIO40 VIO55 TOP ROLLER 172478-37501

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Buy your aftermarket replacement top roller for Yanmar VIO40, VIO45, VIO50 VIO55 and VIO75 mini excavator parts. This top roller is known as original part number 172478-37501.

We also can provide bottom rollers, sprockets, idlers and other parts for these models.

SKU: 172478-37501

Weight: 4.50 kgs

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New undercarriage parts are sold individually but we suggest replacing all of your worn parts at the same time.

This roller is designed to fit the Yanmar mini excavators. This is the smaller roller at the top of the undercarriage that supports the weight of the track and prevents it from sagging across the top.
This is the aftermarket replacement top roller for the following mini excavator models:

Yanmar VIO40-2                Yanmar VIO50-6A                   

Yanmar VIO40-3                Yanmar VIO55                             

Yanmar VIO45                  Yanmar VIO55-6A               

Yanmar VIO45-6A               Yanmar VIO75-5

Alternate Part Number

Yanmar 172478-37501


Alternate Models

Yanmar VIO40-2, VIO40-3, VIO45, VIO45-6A,VIO50-6A, VIO55, VIO55-6A, VIO75-5

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